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About us / Our Performance

Grown 5 folds since 2012 – A CAGR OF 52%
Delivery performance constantly improving amidst rapid growth

Delivery performance measures the timeliness of delivery. In terms of quantity supplied, Praveen has been supplying over 125% of the scheduled quantity month on month.

Quality Performance

Despite a tremendous increase in volume and new products, PEI has consistently reduced PPM through a systematic approach.

Factors Contributing to Consistent Performance

1. Robust production & Quality practices
  • Q-Gates, to contain problems reaching the customer (and provide an improvement opportunity)
  • Immediate response to any internal or customer problems -through Gemba & whats-app group.
  • Detailed analysis of repeated quality problems & Improved problem solving capability.
  • 3G Approach - Monitoring Customer Rejection trend, In-house rejection trend, Kaizen & Poko-Yoke trend.
  • Active participation in customer initiatives to drive quality.
  • Highly equipedWelding infrastructure & practices.
  • Employee involvement & participation
  • Constant training to upgrade the team’s skills
2. Simple self-managed Systems that enables to handle a wide variety
  • Cell Concept Special Vehicle Parts that eases planning & co-ordination.
  • Supermarket for runner items.
  • SMED

3. Monitoring & control systems
  • One Page Report -highlights problem areas for quality improvement.
  • 3G Details to keep a tab on effectiveness of initiatives under taken.

4. Value engineering & cost savings

5. TPH (Tooling, Painting , Handling) improvements to ensure quality & delivery
  • Tooling - Tool Up Project Under progress, NTTF Training & the main objective is to concentrate on tools for critical parts and extending tool life.
  • Painting - In house Powder Coating to reduce delivery time & aesthetic issues and with best in class technology we want to introduce (NO HANDS to FG CONCEPT)
  • Handling – Dedicated Trolley to avoid transit damages.

Vision - 2020

  • To achieve a turnover of Rs. 100 crores withOTIF over 90% and at less than 100 PPM.
  • To supply assembly components –leveraging strengths like large space availability.
  • To introduce automationin all key areas possible -automated loading/ unloading in press shop, conveyors for material movement, automated powder coating set-up etc.,
  • To be a one-stop shop for all sheet metal parts development.